Hand-Retractable Plungers – Pull Ring (Locking Type)

Carr lane

Carr Lane Manufacturing is recognized as a world leader for standard tooling components and industrial parts used by virtually every industry around the globe. Known primarily for jig & fixture tooling components, Carr Lane Manufacturing offers more than 100,000 industrial parts products including quick change tooling plates & accessories, hoist rings, toggle clamps, handles, knobs, ball & spring plungers, threaded inserts, clamp straps, drill bushings, alignment pins, fixture bases, & power workholding devices. We are proud to sell American-made products, with the majority of our fixture manufacturing done at our two American plants located in St. Louis, MO, and Austin, TX. Carr Lane Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2008 certified. British Standards Institution auditors determined the company meets International Organization for Standardization requirements for consistently high-quality products and manufacturing processes. Carr Lane Manufacturing's ISO status was originally registered on November 29, 1996. Carr Lane Manufacturing is committed to being the world's preferred source of standard tooling components by meeting and surpassing our customers' expectations for top quality and excellent service every day.
model specifications Price Qty Operation
CL-6-PHRP-S SST,Thread:3/8-16x1-1/4"Lg Need Query
CL-8-PHRP-S SST,Thread:1/2-13x1-7/16"Lg Need Query
CL-8-PHRP Steel,Thread:1/2-13x1-7/16"Lg Need Query
CL-4-PHRP-S SST,Thread:1/4-20x13/16"Lg Need Query
CL-6-PHRP Steel,Thread:3/8-16x1-1/4"Lg Need Query
CL-4-PHRP Steel,Thread:1/4-20x13/16"Lg Need Query

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